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School Council

Discovery School Council provides an opportunity for representatives from classes in the academy to meet and discuss important issues. The council is made up of 16 permanent members elected by their respective classes following class hustings and a blind vote.

The school council meets regularly to work on ways in which the academy can be made even better for the children.

Current topics being addressed are focused on ways to make playtime more exciting, possible ways to increase the number of children taking a school dinner and ideas for whole school events to help raise money for new and improved resources.

School council achievements (Autumn term 2019):

The school council have worked hard to create a 'feelings and actions' guide to help children manage how to cope with common day to day experiences in school; from who to talk to if you feel unsure, how to cope with big worries and what do do if you having a simply excellent day! This will be shared by school council members to their classes shortly and will appear in a future newsletter when the school council has had a chance to sign off on the final design on the posters.

The Christmas food bank drive that the school council organised was a huge success. They helped the school to collect 17 large containers of food to help support the Peterborough food bank which was delivered in time for Christmas.

The school council have acted as a vital communication conduit between children and school leaders. So far they have helped to identify issues ranging from sticking toilet door locks to school meal menu change ideas.

In the Spring term, school council will be looking at ways of earning additional income to support school activities and choosing a national charity for DPA to support this year. 

They will be looking for ideas about which charity to support in the next few weeks.