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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update
Applications for parents or carers applying for a school place for their child outside of the usual school application times are currently suspended. Exceptional circumstances will be considered for families who have moved into the area or a child without a school place.
Updated: 01.04.20


How do I register my child?

All applications  are to be completed online using the links provided below. 

This excludes  Discovery Primary  Academy in year admissions. In this instance, you would need to visit the main office  to complete an application form. Please may we advise you that you would need to bring 3 forms of ID.

This should be: 

  • Proof of where you (the parent/carer) live - utility bill, bank statement etc (less than 3 months old) 
  • Proof that your child lives with you (the parent / carer) - child tax credit or child benefit letter
  • Proof of the child's date of birth - passport or birth certificate


  1.  Discovery Academy  administer their own in year admissions from  Year 1 to Year 6. (New reception intake and Year 6 transfer by law still have to be administered by the Local Authority) 

  1. Application forms can be completed at the school office or for enquiries please phone 01733 325001 or email  office@discovery.peterborough.sch.uk

  1. Applications will not be accepted without:-

  • Proof of age (passport or birth certificate)

  • Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement etc less than 3 months old)

  • Proof that the child lives with the parents (child tax credits,child benefit letter,medical card.

  1. Application forms will be processed every Friday (term time only).

  1. You will be informed of your child's place on the waiting list by  email/letter within 10 days. 

  2. Measurement for in year admissions are done by using Google maps,it is measured by a straight line from the Academy to the home address. 

  3. When you are offered a place at the Academy we will hold the place for 1 week before offering it to the next person on the waiting list , unless there is an exceptional circumstance.

  4. If your child does not get offered a place at the Discovery Academy you have a right to appeal to the independent appeals  panel, for more information please ring 01733 452589.

  5. Discovery Academy must stress that when you complete our in year admission form you are only applying for our school, to apply for other Peterborough Schools you must contact the Local Authorities admission department on 01733 747474 or email admissions@peterborough.gov.uk

    September 2019 - July 2020

    Discovery Primary Academy allocate school places every Friday (term time only). The dates when allocations will be taking place and the deadline dates for receiving your application for it to be included in the allocation are shown below.



If you have any other questions or queries:

Please contact our school office on 01733 325001 for more information.

In Year School Transfers

This is when your child already has a school place but you wish to transfer them to another school. Please click the link below


If you have any other questions or queries:

Please contact our school office on 01733 325001 for more information.

Our PAN (Published Admissions Number) is 90 pupils per year group.

You can also click on the link to download and view the new admission policy for September 2020.


All applications for Foundation Stage and Secondary School are to be completed online using the links provided below. 

Peterborough LA Admissions Guide 


New Foundation Stage and year 7 admissions for September 2020

All new FS admissions are dealt with by the Peterborough Local Authority.  Peterborough children who attend a Local Authority Peterborough Primary school will receive information from the Academy on applying to Secondary Schools. Parents of Year 6 students who do not attend a Peterborough Primary school but live in Peterborough should contact the Admissions Team at the Education Office in Peterborough for further information prior to entry into Secondary Education.  Up to 1 March all enquiries should be made to the Admissions team at the Local Authority

Further information regarding this process can be found in the Peterborough Admissions Guide.