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Year 9 Arthur Mellows Village College students visit Year 2

Visit from Year 9 Arthur Mellows Village College Students 

For the first time this year, Year 9 students from Arthur Mellow Village College toured their fantastic class work at Discovery Primary Academy. 

Back in November, Year 9 students in their lessons, started a unit of work on Theatre in Education, learning about didactic theatre for 5 -7 year olds. In their first piece of work, they created a performance involving The Daft Family that teaches 5 -7 year olds about the dangers of drinking from unknown bottles. 

Following on from this, they devised their own work around a moral of their choice, such as teaching the green cross code, wearing seatbelts, healthy eating and stranger danger. The work was of such a high quality this year that Arthur Mellows Village College decided to tour some of the groups so that they could perform their work to their intended target audience. 

Twenty-six students in total toured and performed their pieces, then led workshops for Year 2 students on things they have to be careful of. The Year 9 students facilitated excellent and engaging sessions, whereby the Year 2 students produced statues and short performances about morals and messages. 

The Year 2 students involved made work based on not snatching/sharing, not touching fire/hot things and not playing video games too much, to name a few. They should be extremely proud of their ideas and work. When asked about their favourite part of the day, many of the Year 2 students said that watching their Year 9 performances was the best. A special thank you to all of the students and staff involved at Arthur Mellows and Discovery Academy for their help in making it a success.