About us

Discovery Primary Academy caters for children aged from 4 to 11 years. The children begin their school life in the Foundation Classes aged 4 and move to KS1, the second part of their learning journey, for children aged 5-7 years. Finally they move to KS2 which is for children aged 7- 11 years. 

Discovery Primary Academy is fully wheel-chair accessible. A lift or ramps are installed to facilitate full wheel chair access to all areas of the school.

Employees at Discovery Primary Academy include Teaching Staff, Support Staff,  Premises Maintenance Team, and the Catering and Cleaning Team. They all work together as one big team to ensure that our pupils receive the best possible provision.


If you would like to speak to a member of staff, please telephone the office on 01733 325001.

Who is Who at Discovery Primary Academy

Who is Who At Discovery Primary Academy January 2019

Headteacher - Ms Michelle Siequien

Deputy Headteacher - Miss Cathy Daniels

Inclusion Manager/Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Claire Freeman

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Louise Chapman

Business Manager - Mrs Debby Pinfold

Receptionist - Miss Becky Swales

Finance Assistant - Miss Laura Carter

Admin Assistant - Mrs Michelle Gibbs