We are currently updating our Policies now we are an Academy.

Please bear with us.

A - Z Policies

You can view a printed copy of our school policies for free at the school office. Please ask at the office for more details.



Art Policy

Assessment Policy MAT

Asthma Policy.pdf

Attendance Policy

Accessibility Plan 2016-19


Behaviour Policy Dec 2018



Charges & Remissions Policy 2015

Child Protection Policy Autumn 2018 MAT

Collective Worship policy Spring

Computing Policy

Complaints Policy MAT


Data policy for learners MAT

Data protection - Students

Design Policy

Discovery P School Homework Guidelines 2018

Discovery Staff Induction Policy Updated Sept 2017



Equality and Diversity

Policy for Equality and Diversity MAT

E-Safety Policy

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy Summer 2016

English Policy


Exclusion Policy 


First Aid Policy_MAT

Foundation Stage Policy


Geography Policy

Gifted and Talented Policy

Global Policy

The Local Governors Committee Allowance Policy


Health and Safety Policy and Procedures MAT

Handwriting Policy Spring 2016

 History Policy

Homework policy


Intimate Care Policy Review Spring 2017

J, K, L

Lettings Rates

Local Offer - The Local Authorities approach to meeting the needs of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.


Marking Policy Sept 2017

Maths Policy Spring 2016

Maths Written Calculation Policy

Medicines Policy

MFL Policy

Music Policy

N, O, P

Public sector equality duty statement MAT

Pupil Premium Policy 2018

Physical Education Policy Review Spring 2018

Physical Education Long Term Overview

Positive Handling Policy Review Summer 2016

PREVENT: Parent pamphlet on the Prevent strategy - All schools have a duty to safeguard children from radicalisation and extremism. Prevent is a government strategy designed to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorist or extremist causes. The Prevent strategy covers all types of terrorism and extremism, including the extreme right wing, violent Islamist groups and other causes.

Promoting British Values At Discovery - covers Democracy, The Rule of Law, Importance of Laws, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Embracing different Faiths and Beliefs.

PSHCE Policy

Q, R

Racial and Cultural Diversity Policy

Religious Education Policy

Risk Assessment Policy


Safe Guarding Policy September 2018

Science Policy

Security Policy MAT

SEND Policy

SEND Provision / Local Offer

SMSC Policy

SRE Policy

Staff workforce information MAT

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions

T, U, V, W

Transition Policy

Whistelblowing 18

Workforce information Public Sector Equalty Duty MAT