School Wear
We encourage pupils to wear school uniform. Navy blue sweatshirts or jumpers and red or white polo shirts with an embroidered school logo are sold in school at reasonable prices, to be worn with grey skirts or trousers. Pale blue or red check dresses may be worn.  Footwear needs to be comfortable shoes with sensible heels not high heeled shoes or boots. Please avoid sandles or open toed shoes as school chairs can cause significant injury to unprotected feet. Children who wear trainers and plimsolls constantly may damage their feet so school shoes should be worn at all times..

Please do not send your child to school wearing jeans, track suits or other forms of  leisure wear, especially during the summer months. Wellingtons must not be worn during the school day. In warmer weather, strappy tops must not be worn, nor should bare midriffs be showing.


Jewellery other than watches and items of religious or medical significance should NOT BE WORN in school. Earrings, even safety studs must be removed during all P.E./Games activities. The school cannot be held responsible for any injury to persons or property caused by these items, as advice NOT TO WEAR THEM IN SCHOOL has been given. Parents who insist on their children wearing jewellery will be required to sign an indemnity form. Nail varnish and any forms of make up should also not be worn in school.

Children should wear black or navy shorts and a white T shirt or polo-shirt for PE lessons. Navy Joggers and sweats should be worn in cold weather. For movement and gymnastics lessons we like children to have bare feet unless there is a good reason why they should not, when thin soled plimsolls may be worn.  This gives safer and firmer grip and control. Plimsolls are needed for indoor games and/or trainers for outdoor activities. Long hair should be tied back during P.E. The overriding consideration must be appropriateness and safety.

For this, girls need a one piece swimming costume and not a bikini. Boys may wear trunks or swim shorts. They should also bring a large towel. All children need a swimming hat. The hat is necessary to prevent the pool’s filters being blocked with hair and are available from school. Earrings are not allowed to be worn in the pool.

Clothing available from the school office


 Cardigans  Polo Shirts
3-4 (22) £10.00  £10.50  £7.00
5-6 (24) £10.00  £10.50  £7.00
7-8 (26) £10.00  £10.50  £7.00
9-10 (30) £10.00  £10.50  £7.00
11-12 (32) £10.00  £10.50  £7.00
13 (34) £12.00  £12.00  £7.00
Small Adult £12.00  £12.00  £7.00
Med Adult £12.00  £12.00  


Bags and bottles

Book Bags at £5.50 each

Water Bottles at £1.50 each
Replacement lid for water bottle £0.50

PE Bags at £5.00 each

Hats £4.00

Please make cheques payable to: Discovery Primary School