Leading Parent Partnership

Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

Discovery School is aiming to achieve the LPPA. This award encourages schools to improve their partnership with parents and carers through a range of flexible and creative strategies. The award will normally take up to 15 months to achieve. Recent meeting minutes are available to download below.

We have a LPPA working group, who meet to discuss how we will work with the LPPA. Please see our minutes below:

DOWNLOAD: LPPA Working group meeting minutes 15th January 2016

DOWNLOAD: LPPA Working group meeting minutes 14th October 2015

DOWNLOAD: LPPA Working group meeting minutes 23rd June 2015

DOWNLOAD: LPPA Working group meeting minutes 8th May 2015

DOWNLOAD: LPPA Working group meeting minutes 12th March 2015 

Your views count!

Your views are important to us. Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child's school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.

Visit OFSTED Parent View to share your views.

Home School Agreement

A Home-School Agreement, in line with DCFS guidance, has been implemented at the School. Children achieve more when schools and parents work together.  Parents can help more effectively if they know what the school is trying to achieve and how they can help. The Home-School Agreement is designed to provide a framework for the development of such a partnership and sets out the role of the school, parents and pupils in this vital partnership. Parents will be invited to sign this when their children are admitted.

DOWNLOAD: Home school agreement

Please browse parent feedback for LPP sessions to date

"I believe that as a school, you are doing a fantastic job of ensuring we know every detail of our child/rens progress. I am very pleased with all you do and the progress my children are making."

DOWNLOAD: Reading Cafe Analysis January 2018 Year 2

DOWNLOAD: New Intake Induction Meeting June 2017

DOWNLOAD: Reading Café Analysis June 2017 Year 3

Download: Reading Café Analysis March 2017 Year 1

DOWNLOAD: Reading Café Analysis January 2017 Year 2

DOWNLOAD: Parents Evening Analysis – March 2016 Year 6 and translated responses

DOWNLOAD: Family Values Analysis 27.1.16 Year 4

Parent Forum Notes

DOWNLOAD: Foundation Induction Parent Views October 2016

DOWNLOAD: Parents Forum Notes March 2016

DOWNLOAD: Parents Forum Notes January 2016

DOWNLOAD: Foundation Year Parent views January 2016

DOWNLOAD: Reading Café Analysis 20th January 2016

Reading Café Analysis

Year 1 8.3.18

The aim of today’s session was

  • To allow you to spend some reading time in school with your child.
  • To encourage the message that reading can be fun.
  • To encourage the importance of reading at home and at school.

42  Parent / Carers Attended, 36 Evaluations completed


PE1                      2

PE2                      1

PE3                      2

PE4                     30

PE6                      1



Lithuania              3

Latvia                   3

British Indian        1

Polish                   4

Indian                   1

Portuguese          2

SK                        1

Iraq                       1

British                  20


Circle or mark the number which best reflects your view

  1. Please rate the session today

1                              2                              3                              4                              5

Poor                                              Ok                                                          Excellent

                                                                                        22%                        88%                                             

  1. Were you read to regularly as a child?

Yes                                                                         No

87%                                                                        13%

  1. How often do you read with your child?

Daily                                      Weekly                                                 Not currently

89%                                        11%                                                       


  1. How welcoming and helpful were the staff ?

1                              2                              3                              4                              5

Poor                                                      Ok                                                          Excellent

                                                                4%                          2%                          94%

  1. Please add any further comments or suggestions below.


“Really well organised thank you.”


“I am really happy of that school. The nice staff and a lot of really lovely things in the school”

“The reading could have been longer”

“Me and Lola really enjoy doing activities together”

“I am happy thanks”

“All the time” (in answer to how welcoming and helpful were the staff)

“It’s been lovely thank you”

“Would like to include older children in the school”

Was this information useful?

Feedback: You said... we did

Your opinions and suggestions are important to us and so we ask you to help us by completing the various evaluations when you attend sessions. These evaluations are analysed and acted upon.

We began Family Values Craft Sessions for each Year Group.

We provided English Courses, Cooking courses, DIY for dads & Pots, Plants and People.

We provided a homework club on a Monday after school. This unfortunately closed due to a lack of uptake.

It has always been possible to arrange meetings in school which try where possible to fit around parents. Home visits are available out of hours by the Parent Partnership Worker at parent’s request. We have attempted to make this process smoother.

We provided an online employability course with Crosskeys homes and have produced a number of CV’s with parent’s.

We have overhauled the website and newsletter to include different languages and to be more informative.

This has been provided and minutes and actions are reported to improve continuity.

We are working on a blog. The changes to the website now include a newsreel where activities such as Quentin Blake pictures can be displayed and commented on by parents. The teacher or support staff contact parents to give them notice that their child is receiving the pupil of the week award.