Sports premium

Discovery Primary School believes that PE is essential to the development of the whole child – academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical.  It should lead to a sense of well-being, a greater understanding of health and fitness, a healthy lifestyle and feeling of self-confidence.

We aim to enable pupils to develop and explore physical skills with increasing control and accuracy, encourage children to work and play with others in a range of group situations, develop children’s enjoyment of physical activities through a range of physical activities and to promote an understanding of a healthy and active lifestyle.

The documents below outline where we have allocated the sports premium funding, our curriculum overview and our extra-curricular activities. These documents will change throughout the year to give you updated information about the physical activities your children have been involved in.

DOWNLOAD: Sports premium funding report 2017-2018

DOWNLOAD: Sports Premium funding report 2016-2017

If you are interested in volunteering to support the running of sports clubs and activities, please contact the school office at

Sports Premium Allocation

The Sport Premium was introduced in September 2013 and is allocated to schools to help to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. In most cases, Sport Premium is clearly identifiable and is left to the discretion of the school to decide how best to use this funding. From September 2013, schools are required to publish online information describing how they have used this funding, so that parents and other stakeholders are made fully aware of how the Sport Premium has impacted on the lifestyles of pupils.

What does this mean for Discovery Primary School?

Funding for the academic year 2017-2018 Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil.

The amount of money Discovery Primary School will receive for the academic year 2017- 2018 is


We have used these funds to:
Hire in sports coaches to work with the children so they have the highest quality P.E lessons.
Pay for CPD courses to help teachers develop their knowledge, understanding and confidence of teaching P.E.
New resources to ensure children can apply skills and lessons are of the highest quality.