Our curriculum

May we present the updated Discovery Primary Academy curriculum for September 2017. It has been designed to conform to the Government's Curriculum 2014 Programmes of Study.

We teach your child history, geography, art, music and D&T through a number of themed topics that underpin the work of each half term. If you wish to look at the new National Curriculum, please click HERE.

DOWNLOAD: Overview of the Primary Curriculum

We also teach maths, English, handwriting and spelling. They too have been updated to reflect the changes to the National Curriculum. We hope our updated new curriculum will give your child a fun, challenging and perhaps more joined-up education. Where possible, lessons will draw from multiple curriculum areas. Over time we will continue to make further connections between subjects to help them fit together, so the curriculum you see is one that will evolve over time.

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Four Cs Physical and Emotional Health

Four Cs Dance

Four Cs Music

Four Cs Drama


To find out more about the curriculum we follow at Discovery, please speak to Miss Daniels.


Current Learning Unit

Foundation curriculum overview spring 1 2019

Year 1 curriculum overview Spring 1 2019

Year 2 curriculum overview Spring 1 2019

Year 3 curriculum overview Spring 1 2019

Year 4 curriculum overview Spring 1&2 2019

Year 5 curriculum overview Spring 1 2019

Year 6 curriculum overview Spring 1 2019


Foundation Curriculum overview Autumn 2.pdf

Year 1 curriculum overview Autumn 2 2018.pdf

Year 2 Curriculum overview Autumn 2.pdf

Year 3 Curriculum overview Autumn 2.pdf


Year 5 Curriculum overview Autumn 2.pdf

Year 6 Curriculum overview Autumn 2.pdf



 Foundation Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

 Year 1  Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

 Year 2 Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

 Year 3 Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

 Year 4 Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

 Year 5 Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

 Year 6 Autumn 1 Curriculum overview



SATS - Most recent government information link below (as of September 2017)

Government Information for parents regarding SATs testing (2017)

Do you have a child in primary school in year 2 or year 6? If so, they will be taking the national curriculum tests (SATs). The tests will provide information about how your child is progressing, compared to children the same age nationally. They are not qualifications and don’t affect your child’s future options in school.
The results are used to ensure that schools are teaching their pupils the essential knowledge and skills in the subjects that are the early building blocks. This is to ensure every child reaches their full potential.
There are changes to the tests this year at both key stages. This is because the tests are based on the new national curriculum, which your child has been taught since September 2014.