School Aims

To enable our pupils to prepare for adulthood whilst enjoying their childhood we aim to:

  • nurture children within a safe, happy and stimulating school environment
  • prepare each child to become a responsible citizen of the future
  • teach that courtesy, good manners, respect and consideration for all are important.
  • inspire all children to achieve the best they can

We endeavour to provide an appropriate broad, balanced, stimulating and relevant curriculum based upon the requirements of the National Curriculum, in order that the children can:

  • Communicate clearly and confidently through speaking and to listen attentively and respond appropriately.
  • Read fluently, accurately and with understanding, developing emotions and discriminatory skills.
  • Write with enthusiasm and interest, demonstrating a knowledge of the basic rules of grammar, a wide vocabulary and familiarity with basic spellings.
  • Understand basic computation, solve mathematical problems using basic concepts and be able to apply their mathematical skills in everyday life.
  • To use a range of observation, investigational research